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Spokane Table Tennis at The Hub

We have decided to move from the HUB and merge with the West Central Table Tennis Club, which will now be meeting twice a week starting Thursday, September 24, 2015. See the West Central Table Tennis website for more information.

The last night for Spokane Table Tennis at the HUB was on Monday, September 21, 2015. Future club meetings and tournaments will be held at the West Central Table Tennis Club.

The combined club of Spokane Table Tennis and West Central Table Tennis is a group of individuals who enjoy playing table tennis. We invite players of all ages and all skill levels to come play with us. You'll be certain to get a good work out, improve your ping pong skills with tips and coaching from our long-term members, and have a great time.

The combined clubs offer eight high-end Joola tables for our regular club meetings and for our Saturday tournaments. The tables and nets are professional quality to provide a great playing experience.

So treat yourself to a session with Spokane Table Tennis / West Central Table Tennis! You'll be glad you did! More . . .